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A Glimpse of AIB Training’s History

Sometime in 2005, Al Ian Barcelona took the risk of starting his own training and speaking business without a capital that will ensure him that everything is going to work out just fine. His years of experience in the youth leadership, academe, and the government are what led him to establish a training company. Confined in the space of his grandmother’s home in Pandacan, Manila, Barcelona launched the company using only a laptop with solely a “capital of guts, sheer determination, and passion’’ as an answer to his life’s true calling, public speaking. A year or two later, Barcelona and his team relocated to a small office located in España, Manila due to their need of a better workplace.


During the earlier phase of AIB, the company only catered to schools when Barcelona was getting invites to speak to different school seminars. But deep within him, he knew that corporate training is something that he always wanted to pursue as well even having no prior experience in the corporate world. It didn’t stop him from exploring his boundaries and even with a big chip on his shoulders, opportunity arrived when PAMET Inc (Philippine Association of Medical Technologists Incorporated) became their first corporate client, until the company’s network grew bigger until more opportunities came their way.



Along the way, AIB has encountered what Barcelona coined as “co-opetition,’’ an industry wherein they cooperate and compete with each other at the same time. Some of Barcelona’s mentors were Francis Kong and Anthony Pangilinan of Inspire Leadership Consultancy Inc., both veterans in the industry and he grabbed the chance to join them in a campus tour. Corporate clients of AIB started referring the company to one company to another and Barcelona tapped the shoulders of well-known speakers, and soon enough the company has built a respectable reputation that they already started earning big profit by selling their own training programs.


Empowering people is something that Barcelona gravitate towards, combine that with his natural gift of gab and ability to draw crowd attention fueled his motivations. 10 years later and AIB now has “entertrained” over 200 different clients across the country, 50 thousand plus people reached, and over 500 seminars conducted. AIB is now offering training and consultancy but also events management and production services. Just recently, Al Ian Barcelona was invited as the Philippines’ representative for a Christian leadership training by Haggai Institute, held in Maui, Hawaii. Looking with an optimistic mindset, AIB looks to expand internationally in the near future.


What makes AIB so unique from its competitors is they offer ‘’entertrainment,’’ a three-way of educating, entertaining, and training for different types of clients. AIB’s core values is centered on their faith to God, and everything that AIB stands and believes for is guided by their Christian faith.


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