Guiguinto’s Golden Evangelism

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By AIB Training


The day of July 8, 2017 was no ordinary day for the people of Guiguinto, Bulacan. An extraordinary union was formed between the community through the church’s team building. It was not only a day when young and old souls gathered to build each other, it was day when christian spirits were reignited like a blaze of fire. Through beautiful singing and fun-filled activities that celebrate God’s undying love, Jesus Is Lord’s evangelism is one for the books.



AIB Training and Events CEO Al Ian Barcelona and his team took charge and led JIL in their day of appreciation of their God-given life. An evangelism workshop of gospel presentation started off the day with the energetic Mr. Barcelona facilitating. The attendees were divided into four groups, and each one was assigned with a specific bible verse to discuss with their groupmates. Each group chose one representative that will share their reflection in front, and three out of four who dared the front stage were members of the church’s youth group. The first group tackled John 4 Samaritan Woman which is about Jesus  changing a woman who  commited infidelity, second group discussed  John 3 Nicodemus’ story of how being religious doesn’t mean being self-righteous, the third group explained Matt 19 The Rich Young Ruler’s main message of sharing your wealth to the poor, and the final group interpreted Matt 8 The Faith of the Centurion as making your faith stronger in Christ at all cost.



A team building would not be complete without games that pumps the adrenaline of everyone. A team cheer competition made the sleepy post-lunch mood of the attendees come to life, with plenty of lolos and lolas busting out dance moves as if they’re about to start a cheerdance organization of their own, which ended up with group one winning the challenge. A building block tower challenge tested the teams’ patience, a skill that Mr. Barcelona believe is applicable in the real world. Group three’s perseverance allowed them to claim the win and tied group one with one win each. The third game was a penne pasta challenge that saw each team manage their time management skills, and group one proved that they are one step ahead and claimed the round. A glass on a handkerchief challenge saw each team maintain their poise but it was group two, who has not had a win prior to this round, that stole the win. The fifth game, a sumo challenge, dared each team to digest all the food prepared at the fastest time possible, and see just how much “problem” they can take. In the end, group four’s composure enabled them to endure the round and redeem themselves. Last but not least, was the stick building and poster making challenge. The final round forced each team to use their multi-tasking skills and use their brain to build a lasting stick tower with clay and allow their vision for the church come to life in the poster. In the end, group three proved their gutsiness and that they have the most heart by claiming the overall top spot as champion.



Everyone at JIS were very welcoming and treated the team of AIB as if we share the same blood, ensuring that we will leave Guiguinto with a full stomach. Most importantly, each one of God’s disciples present that day made their voice loud and clear and spread evangelism in the most awesome way: living life while honoring God vicariously!

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