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Midori Clark Hotel and Casino’s Capability Team Building and Customer Service Training

  By Darryl John Ramos, AIB Training and Events Intern


Clark Pampanga’s Freeport Zone is an awe-inspiring destination that boasts of green surroundings that breathes fresh air and a site truly a feast for the eyes. The city’s vision to put “green” on the metropolis that will soon be a community mixed of residential, commercial, entertainment, and other developments no doubt will attract tourists and locals alike, making Clark a can’t miss destination perfect for those looking for a haven to relax and escape Manila’s fast-paced lifestyle. Located at the heart of Clark, Pampanga is Midori Clark Hotel and Casino, Central Luzon’s first ever five-star luxury hotel boasting a sophisticated yet homey state of the art facilities and hospitality that welcomes and treats guess as family. Truly, Midori is the getaway for Filipinos and tourists searching for a perfect escapism.


Running a multi-billion corporation like Midori Clark Hotel and Casino calls for a demanding and tough workload for every single staff and members who continuously works in harmony to ensure casino and hotel guests only gets quality in service. Hence our team led by Mr. Al Ian Barcelona, AIB Training and Events president, were called upon by the management of Midori Clark Hotel and Casino on June 23, 2017 to conduct a capability team building and customer service training for their sales and marketing team. We arrived the morning of June 23 and instantly, we were all in awe of the beauty and architecture of the 9,900 sq meter luxury hotel that towers over before us. Mr. Raymond Fujii, position, toured the team around the hotel and even treated us to some sweet treats from Midori’s café. After a brief interaction, Raymond Fujii led us all the way to Baccus lounge, the location of the seminar.



Bite-size baked bun with butter on the side were served to us to start of the morning session, as Midori’s sales and marketing team continued to gather around the lounge area. After Ian Barcelona introduced himself as the event’s facilitator in a way that only he can, each members of both teams introduced themselves in an ice breaker challenge, wherein they have to tell something unique about themselves by using their names’ initials. A lecture on proper sales and marketing refreshed the memory of each member, and Barcelona emphasized that every staff should carry themselves as the ambassador of the Midori brand and embracing it whole-heartedly. “Ask for more and demand for more,” said Barcelona, who after showing a Pepsi ad to the participants added that taking charge and initiating will push one’s brand to further success. After the morning session, we all had our delicious lunch, chicken and fish fillet with soup and veggies on the side served by Midori’s talented chefs and brownie with cherry on top to end our meal on a sweet note. From breathtaking amenities to sumptuous dishes, Midori really is a paradise for the dreamers.



Appreciation of one’s self and of others is key to true happiness, and to begin the afternoon session, each participant were asked to wrote 10 things that they appreciate in themselves and from others. The activity allowed each one of them to have a bit of a confidence booster, which is really important in achieving bigger and better success. Next activity is analyzing one’s SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) as a way to determine their greatest strength, and making it even greater. Barcelona who has been dishing out serious life and work advices while occasionally making up jokes all day, reiterated how having the attitude of a learner can lead one’s talent to another as long as one continues to be a student of the game, whatever path he or she decide to take. With the guidance of God, one can overcome his or her weaknesses and rejections. For the final activity, the sales and marketing team were divided into three groups and were tasked to put their vision for Midori in the future come to life by taking used magazines and newspapers and creating an image out of it which would then be posted on a Manila paper. They were only given 20 minutes to accomplish the task before each group presents their work in front, finished work or not. When the time came from each group to present, it was obvious that each group had very different vision for Midori’s future. Nonetheless, each one of them had a smile on their faces knowing that despite their differences, they all have a common goal and that is to make Midori Clark Casino and Hotel the premier five-star luxury getaway of the country and to live and breathe the motto, “Live Awesome!”


When the eventful day came to an end, it was time for picture taking and awards giving, because at the end of the day that’s what the use of cameras for. Midori even baked us the best cheesy bacon thin crust pizza that I have ever tasted in my entire life as an unforgettable ending to a tiring but inspiring event. To top it all, our team got a chance to take a peek of one of their five-star hotel rooms that made me wish the event was a two-day gathering just so I can lay my back on those master beds. But all good things must come to an end, though I know for a fact that I will come back again to Midori in the near future. I hope I’m a guest by that time and not a working intern, though.


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